Simple Geometry Earrings – Copper Diamond Square Drops

Elementary Earrings - Copper Diamond Drops

Handmade by Amber Yearwood

Simple, imperfectly shaped geometric squares are formed using copper wire, flattened and left with the firescale oxidation from the soldering process. Wire-wrapped solid copper drop weights swing below, hung neatly from my copper 20g ear wires. Please note that this is copper in it’s raw form, and will therefore acquire a natural patina with time and wear.

Measures approx. 1″, 2.54cm from the top of the ear wire.

No lead, cadmium or toxic chemicals used during production.

$20 usd plus s&h

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About Amber Yearwood

Amber Yearwood is a self-taught metalsmith jeweler born in Barbados, a beautiful, small island in the Caribbean. She currently lives in Dallas, Texas with her boyfriend, 2 cats and 2 dogs. She is an avid gardener, loves to travel, read, cook, visit dusty old Mom & Pop thrift shops and antique malls, visit the shooting range, and above all, learn new things, concepts and truths.