Copper Filigree Necklace – Pale Blue Aquamarine and Yellow Citrine

Copper Filigree Necklace with Pale Blue Aquamarine

Handmade by Amber Yearwood

The first in a new line of my own handmade copper filigree necklaces, featuring 3 curled copper filigree “lima bean” shapes which are soldered and lightly hammered for added strength. The filigree is not cleaned after the soldering process, so the dark firescale is left as is for patina and contrast. The pendant hangs from a bright, coppery colored vintage brass “peanut” chain, is finished with a dreamy pale blue aquamarine bead and a dark honey tone hessonite garnet. Handmade hook and eye clasp, also made of copper. Filigree is buffed with museum wax to help preserve the patina.

Necklace measures approx. 16″ from the clasp to the bottom of the dangling gemstone charm.

Not your color or stone? Ask about a custom order!

Available for wholesale in small quantities.

$38 usd plus s&h

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About Amber Yearwood

Amber Yearwood is a self-taught metalsmith jeweler born in Barbados, a beautiful, small island in the Caribbean. She currently lives in Dallas, Texas with her boyfriend, 2 cats and 2 dogs. She is an avid gardener, loves to travel, read, cook, visit dusty old Mom & Pop thrift shops and antique malls, visit the shooting range, and above all, learn new things, concepts and truths.